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About ELT News
ELT News is the voice of the ELT profession in Austria. Published online twice a year in Spring and Autumn by TEA (Teachers of English in Austria), the journal aims to promote the exchange of ideas and information in a lively and practical manner. It is also intended to enable specialists, teachers and policy-makers in Austria to keep abreast of ELT developments. TEA members receive the journal automatically as part of their membership, so if you want to read ELT News regularly, you need to become a member!

To register contact the TEA office:
TEA (Teachers of English in Austria)
c/o Institut für Anglistik and Amerikanistik
Universitaet Wien Campus Altes AKH
Spitalgasse 2 Hof 8
A-1090 Wien

e-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Guidelines for Contributors

ELT practitioners in all sectors and at all levels, both in Austria and abroad.

We seek to share experiences and insights, and disseminate ideas, with particular emphasis on the interface between theory and practice. Variety is a keyword, so articles can be in different styles, formats and lengths, with 2,000 words as the upper limit. The Editor reserves the right to shorten or amend articles if necessary.


  • TEACHING PRACTICE: Articles on all aspects of teaching, teacher education and professional development, research, classroom practice.
  • HOW I BECAME AN ENGLISH TEACHER: Here English teachers can tell the story of their professional careers.
  • NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN EFL: Articles on innovations and current trends in EFL, such as curriculum matters and syllabus design as well as new developments in methodology and ma¬terials design.
  • LANGUAGE: Ideas and comments relating to the English langua¬ge and world Englishes.
  • LITERATURE & CULTURE: news and views on political, social, cultural and everyday matters related to life in the English-speaking world.
  • BUSINESS CORNER: Section for ideas and articles on all aspects on busi¬ness English.
  • YOUNG LEARNERS CORNER: Section for articles on all aspects of teaching very young and young learners (kindergarten to lower secondary level).
  • ACROSS THE BORDERS: Articles about all aspects of EFL in other countries, in particular the countries of the new Europe.
  • REPORTS: Write-ups on conferences, seminars, training cour¬ses and projects.
  • THE BRITISH COUNCIL: News from the British Council.
  • READERS WRITE: Readers are invited to respond to the current ELT scene and previous contributions to ELT News.
  • BOOKS RECEIVED: List of books sent to TEA by the publishing houses.
  • BOOK REVIEWS: For books currently available please see Books Received. We also welcome post-use, favourite book and survey reviews. Please contact the editors for more information. Length guidelines: Recently published materials (approximately 500
    wds), Reflections and comments on books already used in teaching (up to 1000 wds), Survey reviews offering an overview and comparison of recent books on one particular topic (approximately 1500 wds)
  • WEBWATCHER: Useful websites
  • SWAP SHOP: Tips, offers, requests, sample materials etc.
    The views expressed in ELT News are the contributors' own and not necessarily those of the Editors or of Teachers of English in Austria. Should anybody wish to reprint an article from the journal, they should contact the editors for permission.

Editor: Philip Kerr
Please email Philip at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We hope you will contribute to future issues of ELT News. Here is what to do:

Contributions should be submitted to the editor, Philip Kerr, via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Don’t forget to provide a short PROFESSIONAL PROFILE (not more than 50 words: institution, field of activity, areas of interest, publications etc.) and a photo, if available, to accompany your contribution.

All contributors are kindly requested to include the name of their institution (or freelance status). The Editor's job is made a lot easier if you use as little formatting as possible and make sure to send photos (saved as .jpg) as an extra file. Please avoid using footnotes or endnotes, if possible.

We look forward to your next contribution!

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TEA - Teachers of English in Austria
Laudongasse 50/2
A-1080 Wien

E-mail: office@tea4teachers.org